Real Estate Consultancy

Real Estate investment choice is going through the 'problem of plenty'.

Every major location in the country is bustling with real estate development of all kinds. Newspapers, magazines, Internet, hoardings – everything is flooded with promotions & reviews of projects. There are many experts but very few with proper credentials.

Even if you manage to find some credential – can you be sure of unbiased opinion!

The more you explore – greater the confusion.

Some of the questions you need to answer before getting on to your real estate quest

  1. Do you really need to make a real estate investment! If done once, is it the best option to choose again!
  2. Is it the right time to get into real estate!
  3. How much can you afford within your resources! Is it possible to enhance your resources so as to afford something you thought was beyond your budget!
  4. Are you fully aware of the short, medium and long–term pros and cons of the investment you are making!
  5. Are you going to live in the property!
    • Immediately!
    • Later (sure or may be)!
    • Would this be the final property or it's just till you graduate to a better property!
    • How big a property should you be considering!
    • What are the most important factors – distance from office or kid's school!
    • How critical is the community living environment for your family!
    • How important are additional facilities! Are the facilities worth the premium!
    • Lower floors or higher! And why!
    • Are you subconsciously influenced by 'status' concerns!
  6. Are you going to let it out!
    • How sure are you of finding tenants!
    • What's the rental return you are expecting!
    • Have you considered the times when the property would be lying vacant!
    • If it's pure investment, why have you not considered commercial property!
    • Do you know anything/enough about commercial properties!
  7. What are the pros and cons of under–construction properties against ready properties!
  8. All developers showcase their properties as the one with all goodies – do you really have the tools to measure the right goodness of these developers and their projects!
  9. Is it better to invest in a single high value property or multiple smaller value properties!
  10. Is it better to stick to your base town/ hometown or to venture outside!
  11. How reliable are the real estate reviews in media! Can they be influenced!
  12. What's all this hype on bank approved projects! What is it that banks approve! Does it help you in anyway!
  13. Does buying Plot make sense!
  14. Do historical appreciation records have any bearing on how the future is going to be!
  15. Pros and Cons of resale properties (older properties) against fresh development!
  16. ..............

Again this can be made into an endless one.

Again what's most important is that we find answers with YOU in mind. In fact, YOUR FAMILY as well if you plan to live in the proposed property.

We help you do some good and serious homework. Apply this homework to shortlist your options. And upon your advice – we would also help negotiate a good deal. Sometimes you can benefit much more, if we are able to find like–minded people and enable a group bargain.