Corporate Services

Investor/ Analyst Consulting:

Investors in India’s Personal Finance Industry benefit from our understanding of market dynamics across length and breadth of country.

We have not only seen but have personally experienced the hits and misses (and the underlying cause for everything) of most operators – right from the early start up issues to the market leader issues. This gives a special depth to our advice/opinion on matters relating to personal finance in India.


We have improvised & perfected some time tested training modules – specifically for the mortgage (Home Loan & LAP) environment wherein we can address all training requirements of Sales, Credit, Operations & Collections.

For all non-mortgage products, we are currently restricted to Sales related training.

The scope of training can be purely functional or enhanced by softer skills/motivational aspects (depending upon the understanding of specific requirements).

We undertake training assignments for all levels (entry level officers to national level managers).
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Talent Aquisition

Unlike the usual Manpower consultants who have little personal knowledge of the candidates – we have direct means of knowing/ checking the credentials of most candidates in personal finance space across India.

We help with getting the best fit for the position in first or second referral itself. Thus getting a superior fitment in lesser time

Portfolio Analysis:

Portfolio/ Delinquency analysis can be done on any/ all parameters …

  1. Product
  2. Customer Segment
  3. Business Segment
  4. Location
  5. People (sales, processor, approver etc.)
  6. Source point (DSA, DST, Direct etc.)
  7. Deviation
  8. Collateral
  9. Policy
  10. Ticket size
  11. Tenor

Learning – trend identification

  • Leverage suggestions for positives
  • Course correction suggestions for negatives
  • Provision for future flags


We can help with the outsourcing of…

  1. Sales/ lead generation

  2. Field Verifications (Residence/ Office)

  3. Reference checks

  4. Customer service

  5. Credit Processing

  6. Technical evaluation

  7. Legal evaluation & litigation services

  8. Marketing

  9. Accounting

  10. Audit

  11. Document repository

  12. Collections & Recovery

    Service would include vendor identification, shortlisting, scope of service + empanelment process (or as required by the client)