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Service scenario:

You are planning to take a loan (Home loan/ Personal loan/ Car Loan/ Business Loan/ Loan Against Property) or need to know something meaningful about your existing loan - What do you do??

  1. Go surfing on the internet: Will leave you with too much knowledge about obvious things like ‘interest rate’ comparisons but you will know nothing about the real picture. Secondly, you run the risk of leaving your contact details – vulnerable to be harassed by sales calls for months to come.

  2. Call the customer care of different banks: Again, each one will glorify its own. You can’t expect any bank to tell you about anything, which is good for you but not available with them! You will have to deal with dozens without even knowing ‘who really is fit for you’!

  3. Take advice from friends: Honest ones will tell you that they aren’t much too informed either, not so honest ones will only give hollow advice (unless you are real close to someone from the personal finance industry).

  4. Get in touch with a loan agent (directly/indirectly): Most agents are prone to take care of their own vested interests above yours and hence you are guided towards solutions that may be of better interest to the agent himself than you.

It’s rare for the so-called ‘informed’ customer to get any deeper than ‘interest rate comparisons’ on most occasions. In fact, a normal customer would argue – ‘what’s more to understand other than this?’. While its an important factor to consider, there are some more aspects to check that prove to be very critical in the long run e.g. even if a particular lender is offering the lowest rate – it may not be the best option if they have the reputation/track record of revising the rate upwards soon after disbursement!

Some how you do end up taking a loan! Good or bad – Is it done once and for all? Well, not really. All the loans on floating rates (e.g. Home Loan/ Loan against property) tend to go up in rate post disbursement. There is very little you can do to stop a lender from increasing the floating rate. Your rates may rise by 0.10% to over 5%, in one go or in many small fractions over few months/ years. Most educated borrowers are somewhat aware of this but fail to take suitable action for the lack of proper assistance. Some are not even aware as the EMI amount doesn’t change and those who are aware that the rate on their existing loan has been revised upwards, there is little time or focus to understand the exact impact of this revision and if there is something that can be done to reduce or reverse the impact of such revision!

New loan or old loan, it simply means you can never be fully sure of having taken the best deal simply because there is no clear way for a normal customer to know everything that he can ask and get from various providers.

We at FINTEGRITY CONSULTING are aiming to fill this gap. Unlike usual intermediaries, we are a team of professionals who have worked extensively at various positions (junior-most officer positions to the senior-most CEO position) with leading organizations (banks/NBFCs/HFCs) in various roles (sales, credit, product etc.) and we are bringing all the advantage of this accumulated knowledge/expertise to other side of the table - that is your side.

In a transaction, it is the best scenario if you have someone on your side, who other than knowing your exact requirement (borrower), also knows exactly ‘how it happens’ on the other side (lender).

With FINTEGRITY CONSULTING on your side – you will enjoy this advantage in every transaction.

How we function:
Years of dealing with misinformed customers led to the idea of creating a platform that spares the effort of becoming a pseudo expert to each prospective borrower whenever he needs any retail loan.

Fintegrity Consulting endeavors to provide a one-stop solution to all the retail finance needs of individual/ SME borrowers. Each member will be entitled to professional loan counseling wherein his/her requirements will be assessed and structured in a manner best understood by the specific lenders, while the borrower himself will grow at ease with all the retail lending jargons.

Our seasoned team will analyze specific loan requirements and match the same with offerings (including our knowledge of special provisions) of various providers. This report will go well beyond the routine ‘rate of interest’ comparison and it will delve deeply into the softer and more complicated aspects that impact the long-term benefits of our member. A comprehensive report containing best matches with various providers will be submitted to the member.

The member (who is well acquainted by now) will have the discretion of picking up his/her preferences amidst all pros and cons presented to him for all the options stated in the report. Our team will then strive with specific lenders to comply with the preferences picked by the member.

Our Consumer Services:

We provide various Service such as

New Home loans/ Balance Transfer

Loan against Property

Personal Loan

Car Loan

Business Loan

Construction Finance

SME Loans

Loan counseling

Loan Management

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