About Us


Managing Director:

Brijbhuvan K Singh ( BK Singh ) is a veteran in India s Consumer Finance Industry. He is a Mortgage (Home Loan & Loan Against Property) specialist with a good insight of most consumer finance products like Personal loan, Business Loan & SME finance. During his total experience of over 18 years, he has worked with some of the leading financial institutions like ICICI Bank, GE Money, HDFC Bank, DHFL & IIFL. This journey through various levels, functions & geographies - has enabled a wholesome understanding of Indian lending environment.

Why Us

Management Consulting is dominated by a few MNCs. Often the superfine academic/ analytical knowledge of these firms isn t sufficient to provide meaningful diagnosis/ solution for the unique Indian business environment  - that can be best understood by only those who have been there, seen it all & done it all.

We fit the bill perfectly.

Instead of acquired learning , we have decades of hands-on experience at all levels, across functions in different business environments and throughout the Indian geography. The instincts thus developed far supersede the technical know-how of a typical management consultant.

And to top it all , our services ( despite being more concise & relevant ) are far more cost effective.


Fintegrity Consulting LLP is providing crisp & hands-on solutions to all business management aspects for all Corporates engaged in retail/ SME lending. We aspire to become a preferred option for smart & cost-effective consulting in our area of expertise.